Koh Tao

I was always excited for this one, and it didn’t disappoint! The ferry down the coastline showed off the islands tropical beauty and I spent the first afternoon cracking coconuts on the beach to refresh from the sweltering heat.

But I was here for the same reason as 99.9% of everyone else – scuba diving. This was my first experience of diving and although a little bit nervous, was excited to see what everyone in the bars last night had been raving about.

Under the water is like being on an alien planet. Photos can show what you can expect under the sea, but the actual experience is something else. The assortments of colours, shapes and varieties of sea life is unbelievable. My 1st dive apparently lasted 40 minutes – it felt like 5.

My second dive was a shorter one, but I did get to lie on the sea floor with a pregnant sea horse…apparently the only one in the area. With sea horses it’s actually the male that gets pregnant, and once he gives birth, 100s of tiny sea horses swim out into their new world and are left completely on their own. It’s no wonder that only a handful actually survive.

Was a bit disappointed not to sea any turtles – they are my favourite animals, and Koh Tao literally translates to Turtle Island – but never mind. I’ll be back again.

Was sad to say goodbye to a few friends at the end of this trip, but am sure I’ll see yous again soon! 


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