Koh Phangan

A bus and a ferry ride over to Koh Phangan – the home of the full moon party. I missed this by a week or so and ended up finding the place a little quiet, but was still quite an experience. By the beach bars there was fire everywhere – fire poi, fire jump rope, fire swords, fire limbo – hard to tire of these performances in the mix with a bit of table dancing with your mates.

Elsewhere on the island there’s plenty more to be done. Snorkelling in many of the bays, and caring for elephants at one of the natural, officiated sanctuaries were definitely highlights. We even found our way round to an imitation of the ‘Total Wipeout’ course. Turns out the Big Red Balls are as hard as they look.

Stayed here for about 5 nights and had a great time, saw some unbelievable sunsets, but was kind of over it by then. On to Koh Tao! 

A typical Koh Phangan sunset…

Luxury living…

Chancing it at the Total Wipeout course

The gang making wishes over a Chinese Lantern

Beach Party!

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